Sunday, January 11, 2015

Scratch Brewing Co.

Wow! I just found out that my story is in the Top Most Viewed Steller Stories in the last 24 hours! Check out all 20 here - STELLER TOP STORIES  (and NOW, My Peanut Butter Cookies are in the TOP VIEWED STELLER STORIES OF THE WEEK!!!) Whoo Hoo!

Scratch Brewing Co. is currently our favorite place in southern Illinois. They are located in Ava, IL, just a few minutes outside of Carbondale. The owners and staff are always really great and have extensive knowledge about each and every beer they brew. They use locally sourced ingredients, from their property as well as local farms. Some of our favorite Scratch beers include the Basil Beer, Dead Leaves and Carrots, Golden Lavender, Hickory Gruit, Coffee Milk Stout, and so many more! See their weekly beer list on Facebook or their website. And be sure to click the image above to see my Steller Story about the place! Cheers! 


Well, I created another Steller Story, and it was ALSO featured in the top 20 most viewed today! See my Coconut Oil Peanut Butter Oat Cookies here, my Scratch Brewing Co. Story here, or my Rice Krispy Treats Recipe here. 

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