Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moorea Seal!

I recently received some wonderful items from Moorea Seal! I was the lucky winner of her Pin To Win contest, and happily chose a few items for Fall and Winter!  
My absolute favorite item is this beautiful purse. The Double Chain Crossbody Purse by Seaecho, is made from Pendleton Wool, and has two brass zippers with leather zipper pulls. It is constructed very well and is a super smart design! The size is just right, and I cannot wait until the weather cools a tiny bit more so I can use this amazing purse. 

Here are all four of my goodies! This larger purse, below, is actually screen printed with a hand-drawn grid in black ink on grey canvas. The straps are super sturdy and I feel like this tote could hold a heavier load. It will definitely come shopping with me soon! It has a really nice zipper to keep things corralled, too.  
I was also pleasantly surprised by these two hats I chose. They are sturdy, soft, and fit my head very well, which I have trouble with - many hats give me a headache after a short time. But, these hats are just right and will be on my head every day of this winter! I stuck with pretty neutral colors, as I want to wear these pieces with lots of outfits. Find the Tan Willow Beanie here and the Grey Pom Hat here
If you haven't gotten a chance to stop by the Moorea Seal website, or store in Seattle, please stop by and see her wonderfully curated goods. 

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