Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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Well friends, I realized I didn't send you guys an invite to my newest blog space. I have loved the change in design over at The New Site, and hope you can join me! 

XOXO!!! Love my little blog :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Hair Style Inspirations

Style It - Change It - Own It - Spring Hair And Style Inspirations

In partnership with L'Oreal to create styles that inspire you to take your look to the next level. I am beyond excited to team up with L'Oreal to show you how to use their new line of haircare products, Advanced Haircare (available at most drugstores for a very reasonable price). I had an amazing time creating some of these unique hairstyles utilizing their products in so many ways. Photos by Bobby Samat Photography.  Check back often for more photos in the next month! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What To Wear To A Music Festival - OUTFIT INSPIRATIONS


If you're wondering what to pack for a festival, make sure you bring clothes that are comfortable, good for the weather, and feel free to show a little bit of skin! The majority of the girls there will be, so let loose and have fun with your outfits! Bring a few bikini tops, band shirt, tank tops, kimonos, distressed denim shorts, skirts, and lots of fun, boho jewelry and hair accessories. 

An awesome and comfy outfit idea is to wear a vintage-inspired band tee, distressed jean shorts, long kimono, flower crown, and cute floppy hat! 
 And, a romantic and feminine inspired outfit is also a wonderful option! Wearing a girly babydoll dress with some crochet details, wavy hair, and an oversized flower crown is sure to be adorably boho!

Southwest Inspired T-shirt 

What To Wear To A Music Festival - FOOTWEAR + SHOES + SANDALS


I always opt for flat shoes, with some padding or support if possible, whether they are sandals, sneakers, or boots. The benefit to closed toe shoes would be that you can wear ankle socks underneath them. I like to wear something with some cushion - YOU WILL BE WALKING AND DANCING A LOT! I do think it's fun to go a bit dressier in style, rather than your oldest kicks, as shoes can make or break an outfit. Just know that whatever shoes you wear will get dusty and dirty, so don't bring your nicest shoes, or ones that you can't replace. And, make sure they are versatile for whatever outfits you create. I love the idea of embellishing your own boots, too! There are tons of tutorials out there! 
Click on the images to learn more about any item. 
The Mexicali Sandals, below, offer a nod to the Southwest and are made of leather, so they will last forever!
 And, Birkenstocks are always comfortable and you can walk quite a long distance in them. 
 These cute, boho sandals have a lot going on, but are definitely in the festival spirit! They remind me of friendship bracelets, and could possibly be replicated with the help of some beads, twine, and ankle bracelets. So cute!!
 And, of course, Free People always knows what's up! I love how they have paired some more industrial (and practical!!!), tall boots with a maxi skirt with a high slit! Perfection. 

What To Wear To A Music Festival - HATS + SUNGLASSES

Summer is fast approaching, and many music festivals already have tickets on sale, and initial lineups announced. If you are lucky enough to be attending a music festival or two this year, here are a few fashionable suggestions. I always tend to go for more boho styles, and have been to about 20+ festivals, and hundreds of concerts.  Also, for TONS of inspirations, check out my Pinterest Board called Music Festival and Concert Fashion.

Hats are a MUST if you're going to be out in the sun all day. They not only protect your beautiful face, but they help keep your hair tamed while you are camping. You may even want to bring some dry shampoo, in case a shower isn't as easy to find as expected. Make sure you bring a good SPF, too!! Make sure you drink plenty of water (in addition to whatever else you drink!!), stay in the shade when possible, and try to avoid heat exhaustion and sunburn, as it will completely ruin your festival experience.