Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blue - Blue - Bleu / Winthrop. Washington

I wanted to challenge myself to photograph something blue, and found this amazing, vintage Chevrolet Truck! It was outside of a cute, little antique shop named very appropriately, Robin's Egg Bleu in Winthrop, WA. I am so happy I got a chance to take these photos!

We really loved the Winthrop area. There were unfortunately forest fires in the Methow Valley, affecting many residents and of course a large part of the landscape. There are more than enough things to do in a few days in Winthrop. Cute hotels, bakeries, clothing and outdoor shops, restaurants, home goods shops, coffee shops, candy/sweet shops, and more! You can surely find something you love here, whatever your interests are. 

And, below are a few other amazing things I saw in and near Winthrop. There are some really cute clothing shops, whether you like more dressy items, or enjoy more technical hiking and outdoorsy clothing. The first photo shown was from The French Quail. I couldn't find a website, but they have some really cute displays, where they use vintage chairs, fans, suitcases, furniture, and lots of other pieces to showcase their array of reasonably priced jewelry and lots of clothing and accessories! Definitely worth a visit. There are other cute shops near this one, like the Nectar Skin Bar (an incredibly chic atmosphere and some incredible brands available here. Services also available), home goods stores and tons of ice cream and coffee shops to choose from! 
Another shop, Winthrop Mountain Sports was packed with an amazing array of high-quality outdoorsy clothing from some of my favorite brands, as well as nice camping gear, bags/purses, backpacks, lots of socks, accessories, headbands and hats, and more! I found some cute Horny Toad shorts and Patagonia yoga pants here

Some of my other photos (of the book and stickers) are from The Rocking Horse Bakery - absolutely amazing everything! I can't even describe how good their baked goods are, and wish I could have sampled one of everything! We both enjoyed their blueberry muffins (not incredibly sweet, possibly more like cornbread, buttery, and they actually tasted healthy!), their smorgasbord cinnamon cream cheese rolls (huge!), cookies, and danishes. I guess we did wind up sampling quite a lot :) But, there are so many things to choose from! The cloud were absolutely amazing while we visited, but unfortunately there were forest fires in the valley. It was incredibly dry, and lightning, a cigarette butt, or even sparks from a vehicle can cause the fires. They completely blackened much of the valleys and ruined some peoples' properties and farms. It was incredible to see the way we cannot always tame Mother Nature. The map shows the Methow (pronounced Met-How). 

We did wind up camping a bit at the Ballard Campground in Mazama, WA - only $8 per night, and hardly any people camping nearby. But, then again, the fires may have had something to do with that.  There are lots of cute cabins, lodges, and hotels you can stay in as well. We wish all of the residents and firefighters / crew the absolute best. We hope to visit again soon!!

Until Next Time! 

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