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Friday, January 2, 2015

How To Sew A Cowl Scarf - Super Easy DIY Sewing Tutorial

So I have been wanting to share this fun project on my blog for quite a while! These cowl scarves are so fun and so incredibly easy! Almost anyone who has sewn for a very short time can create one of these in about 20-30 minutes.
Here are a few of the fabrics I selected for my scarves. I lined them all in a light grey fleece.
I really liked the selection of fleece prints at Hobby Lobby this winter! 
What You Need (It's not much!):
2 Pieces of Fleece (10" x 30"), Sewing Pins, Sharp Scissors, Sewing Machine, and Thread.
Now, pin the two long sides together. Leave the short ends open.
Now, its time to sew! See the diagram below...Leave about a 3/8" seam allowance. 
After sewing the long sides, cut any extra fabric away, shown below.
Now, the tricky part! (Click to see larger)
1.) Put your left arm through the tube you just sewed. 
2.) Grab the middle of the patterned fleece with your right hand.
3.) Match the two short ends together, right sides together, and pin. 
Pin the short sides together, forming a tube. 
Here it is just before I am going to sew it..
And below, it is laid out flat. 
Now, slip the fabric tube over your sewing machine. My babylock has a removable "flatbed attachment" under the needle plate area, so I am able to do this. If your machine does not have this removable feature, sew the with inside of the tube up. 
Here it is after the small sides are sewn. 
Now, find the "hole you left on the long side a while back. Now is the time to close it up and be finished with your awesome scarf! Pin the hole and sew it closed. 
The last few stitches...
And, you're done!!!


  1. Great tutorial!! thanks, that was quick and easy!! I'm working on making stuff for the homeless and I think these are perfect!!