Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quick & Easy Glitzy Tree Earrings - DIY Tutorial - Make For Under $2.00

These festive earrings are so super easy! You could use any sort of fun mini ornaments! My Glitzy Gold Tree Ornaments came in a pack of four from The Dollar Store, and were 2" tall x 1.25" at the bottoms. 

UPPLIES INCLUDE : 2 Ornaments, 2 - 10mm Jump Rings, 2 Earring Hooks, and Needle Nose Pliers.
1.) Here are your supplies! 2.) Cut off any ornament hangers or ribbons. 3.) Use pliers to open your jump rings, and attach the ornament and earring hook to the rings. 4.) Close the jump rings back up securely, and enjoy! These are very lightweight and above all, sparkly! Happy Holidays!

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